JPJ Group plc’s leading market position and diverse customer base (both geographically and demographically) means that we see a number of opportunities to deliver further growth.

Our strategy is based on three specific opportunities, with the overriding goal to deliver further growth and build on our leading market position and loyal customer base.

Customer first

Our long-term, sustainable business model is based around putting the customer at the heart of our business and ‘knowing our customer’ remains an organisational imperative.

Geographic diversification

The Group has historically been very reliant on our core UK operations and these faced significant fiscal and regulatory challenges in 2018. To mitigate risk and open up new opportunities for growth, a focus of strategy has therefore been geographic diversification.

Adding capability

Organisationally, we have started taking a more holistic view of the business and have added a number of high-quality individuals who have significantly improved the capability of our organisation.