JPJ Group plc is a public company limited by shares incorporated in the United Kingdom. It is a Premium listed company on the Main Market of the London Stock and is committed to high standards of corporate governance and control.

UK Corporate Governance Code

JPJ Group plc’s approach to corporate governance is primarily based on the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) published by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) in April 2016 and the Listing Rules of the UK Listing Authority. The Company complies with the Code or, if it does not comply, explains the reasons for non-compliance. The Code is available at

Board of Directors

The Board and management of JPJ Group plc aim to pursue objectives in the best interests of the Company, its shareholders and other stakeholders, and particularly to create long-term value for shareholders.

The Board is composed of nine members, consisting of Mr. Goulden (Executive Chairman of the Board), Messrs. Wykes and Laslop (Chief Executive Officer, Jackpotjoy Operations Ltd. and Chief Financial Officer, respectively) and six independent non-executive directors (Messrs. Brewster, Danziger, Pathak, Ryan, Sturgeon, and Mrs. Vidler).

The Corporate Governance Code also recommends that the Board should appoint one of the independent non-executive directors as senior independent director, and Colin Sturgeon has been appointed to fill this role. The senior independent directors should be available to shareholders if they have concerns, where contact with the Chairman, CEO, Jackpotjoy Operations Ltd. or CFO has failed to resolve, or for when such contact is inappropriate.

Name Position Audit and Risk
Neil Goulden Executive Chairman     Chair
Simon Wykes

Chief Executive Officer,
Jackpotjoy Operations Ltd.

Keith Laslop Chief Financial Officer       
Nigel Brewster Non-Executive Director Chair Member  
David Danziger Non-Executive Director Member   Member
Paul Pathak Non-Executive Director   Member  
Jim Ryan Non-Executive Director Member    
Colin Sturgeon Non-Executive Director   Chair Member
Andria Vidler Non-Executive Director   Member  

Our culture

JPJ Group plc believes that a diverse and inclusive culture is a key factor in being a successful business and supports greater female representation on listed boards. As and when Board appointment opportunities arise, JPJ Group plc will look to make full use of the procedures recommended by the UK Corporate Governance Code to ensure greater female representation. All Board appointments will be based on merit and must be in the best interests of all stakeholders.