Being a responsible business means playing our part in creating an ethical culture where our people are treated fairly and we always prioritise doing the right thing. Doing so means we get the best out of our people, strengthen our business and move forward together.

Our people

We want JPJ Group plc to be a business where people enjoy working. We seek to achieve this by creating an environment where employees are encouraged to put their ideas into action and contribute to our success.

We facilitate professional growth through training, development opportunities and internal promotion. We also engage with our employees to gather and respond to their feedback on how we can help them thrive.

Beyond this, we arrange social events for the teams across our sites, including our summer get together, where staff are given the day off to participate in a series of activities to show our appreciation for their efforts.


Creating a diverse and inclusive place to work is vital for the continued success of our business. We have operations in over 8 countries, and welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of their race, gender, origin, sexuality or disability. This is reflected in the Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy and underpins our corporate responsibility priority of operating a responsible business. The policy applies to all employees, focuses on employment practices and procedures and has been communicated across the Group.

Our approach to gender diversity is pivotal to our approach, and we monitor our performance at a group level. At the end of 2017, 41.4% of our global workforce and 32.5% of our senior managers were women.

JPJ Group plc employs less than 250 employees in the United Kingdom. As a result, it is not obliged to disclose the gender pay statistics outlined in UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting legislation. Nonetheless, JPJ Group plc is committed to championing equality and fairness both in the workplace and in society at large. Supporting transparency with regards to gender can lead to a fairer society which rewards on merit rather than gender or any other form of ability or disability. As a result, JPJ Group plc provides the following information representing its voluntary compliance with the incoming Gender Pay Gap legislation. Specifically, our gender pay gap is 45% (in favour of men) worldwide excluding our corporate office in London.

There are, at this time, fewer women within leadership positions in the Group, which lowers the mean average hourly rate for female employees. The disparity also reflects the challenge of attracting female talent in the gambling and technology industry. At JPJ Group plc a larger percentage of the company’s workforce sit within roles which traditionally attracts males rather than females (e.g. software engineering and development, etc.). This means that whilst internal progression is encouraged and emphasised regardless of gender, key roles are currently filled by more men than women.

Environmental responsibility

As an office-based organisation, we are an environmentally low-impact business. However, environmental responsibility helps us achieve efficiency saving, reduce waste and play our part in acting as an ethical business.

We measure and monitor energy consumption at site level across our divisions. Our GHG emissions calculations and reporting follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (operational approach) and cover emissions from all sources under our control, grouped under: Scope 1 – direct GHG emissions from owned assets; and Scope 2 – GHG emissions from supplied electricity. Emissions from company vehicles, production processes and other combustion sources are minimal and not deemed to be material. Subsequently, these are not included in reported totals.