JPJ Group plc is committed to conducting itself and running its business activities responsibly.

Our approach to corporate responsibility is founded on three principles – putting the customer first, actively encouraging responsible gambling and treating our employees fairly. This way, JPJ Group plc is building a better business – in the right way.

Operating a responsible business

We maintain high standards of Corporate Responsibility to underpin our behaviours and our business activities. We do this by helping our people thrive, by creating a diverse and engaged culture and  reducing our environmental impacts.

To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Creating an ethical culture
  • Treating our people fairly
  • Reducing our environmental impact.
  • Supporting our community

These focus areas will continue to guide our approach to Corporate Responsibility moving forward and also underpin our corporate values.

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Responsible gaming

We recognise the importance of promoting a culture of responsible gaming to ensure that our customers can enjoy a recreational gaming experience without exposure to the risks of problem gambling. We further recognise that we have a duty to provide the right tools to our customers to both educate and protect them, whilst maintaining secure data and ensuring that we market our activities in a fair, transparent and responsible way.

To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Encouraging our customers to play responsibly
  • Setting gaming limits
  • Training our staff to put our customers first
  • Raising awareness and support.
  • Responsible marketing
  • Data security and data protection

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Data security and data protection

We have numerous policies in place to ensure that we are adhering to the highest standards of data security and data protection, to protect both our information as well as our customers. In light of recent legislative changes, we are currently reviewing our data protection regime to align to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).